PM Nikol Pashinyan’s congratulatory message on Businessman’s Day

Dear businessmen,

I am congratulating all of you on Businessman’s Day. It is symbolic that this very day marks the birthday of famous Armenian entrepreneur and philanthropist Alexander Mantashov. Today, we honor not only Alexander Mantashov, but also those Armenian businessmen who continue Mantashov’s work.

As I have repeatedly noted, you are the ones to bring about an economic revolution in Armenia, and therefore, we consider our business community to be the Government’s number one ally in ensuring the country’s development. We were able to record high economic results in 2019, which was possible through joint work and cooperation.

I am convinced that Armenia’s business community, those engaged in entrepreneurship are exceptionally talented. I am confident that this year you will boast higher performance in your activities to generate greater added value for our country and people. And I want to assure you that the Government of Armenia will do its best to improve the business climate and provide opportunities for new investment projects.

As I have stated on several occasions, the characterizer of a businessman in our country is the reputation gained with fair, lawful and hard work based on one specific goal, namely to get rich and enrich the homeland, the nation and the state.

Dear businessmen,

I wish you good luck, inexhaustible energy and new ideas.

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