Armenian brandy “conquers” Russian market once again

In 2012, Armenian capital city’s Yerevan Brandy Factory (YBF) recorded a 25-percent growth in brandy production, and a 27-28-percent growth is expected for this year, Factory Executive Director Ara Grigoryan said during a press conference on Monday.

The brandy sales reached 3.5 million liters in the year past, as compared to the 2.7 million liters in 2011.

In Grigoryan’s words, although the geographical scope of Armenian brandy exports has not expanded substantially, YBF managed to more deeply penetrate into the markets where it is already established.

To note, the great majority of the Armenian brandy is consumed in the Russian market.

“We are hopeful that, in the next 5-7 years, brandy production will not appear in the [same] situation as it was during the [global economic] crisis. We will respond to the changes in the market more flexibly and quickly,” Ara Grigoryan stated.

He added that the lifting of the ban on Georgian brandy imports to the Russian market will not have any impact on the volume of Armenian brandy exports.


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