Message of the President of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia on the occasion of Entrepreneur's Day


Dear Colleagues,

I warmly congratulate you on the occasion of Entrepreneur’s Day.

The business that was formed and established during the Third Republic of Armenia was destined to experience many difficult periods, to deal with various political and economic realities, and to survive even crisis situations.

But no matter how difficult it was to create and develop business, the Armenian entrepreneur showed endurance, persistence, creativity, faith to form well-established business community.

Today, there are still many factors that hinder economic activity, i.e. a process of geopolitical realignment throughout the world, an unstable regional climate, changes in foreign markets, military conflicts, communication problems, unprecedented movement of labor and financial flows etc.

And, to the honor of Armenian business, we can record that it faces the current challenges with dignity, showing flexibility, innovative approaches, initiative, the ability to offer competitive products and services and search for new consumption opportunities. As a result, thousands of jobs were created, economic indicators increased, many social and humanitarian programs were implemented.

Worthy to mention that today a young generation of businessmen has formed among us, which, continuing the existing traditions, introduces new thinking and culture into economic life.

With the combination of accumulated experience and an innovative approach, we are called to advance our activities in favor of the transformation of Armenia, the development of the country’s economy, and the provision of a prosperous and safe life.

Dear businessmen, I once again congratulate you on the occasion of the professional day, and wish you a peaceful sky and productive work.