New Year’s message of Arsen Ghazaryan, President of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia

Dear businessmen, compatriots,

Every new year is an opportunity to look back, evaluate the previous year, analyze what was done, weigh what was not done and their consequences. 2022 was not easy either. again we had hostile aggression, innocent victims, losses, geopolitical tension, blockade, economic and social problems. But, in spite of everything, we did not lose our endurance, our determination to overcome the challenges, our ability to look optimistically at tomorrow.

Armenian business also directly felt the impact of the unfavorable circumstances, faced sometimes seemingly unsolvable problems, but with its special patience, persistence, creativity and consistent work, it was able to maintain economic stability, business continuity, create jobs, support the security and social problems facing the country and the public. to the solution.

In this regard, both our business community and all those officials who made various economic programs and initiatives a reality with their professional work deserve appreciation and respect. We will be able to overcome the challenges that have come to us and have a safe and powerful homeland by combining efforts, togetherness, and purposeful actions.

Congratulating all businessmen, workers and their families on the New Year, I wish peace, fruitful activity, well-being and happiness. May 2023 be filled with success, Hope, Faith and Love.

Happy New Year and Christmas.

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