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Goals of the tourism association

On July 22, 2011, a delegation of businessmen from Turkey's Van visited Armenia and during this visit a memorandum was signed on establishment of "Association of Armenian and Turkish Travel Companies".

According to the Memorandum, the undersigned Armenian and Turkish companies commit to establish an Association of Armenian and Turkish Travel Companies for the purpose of supporting and promoting travel services in both countries, as well as lobbying and making efforts for the purpose of opening a direct flight between Yerevan and Van.

The goals of the Association are promotion of tourism services in both countries, as well as offering regional tourism services to third countries.

The members of the association also commit to jointly participate in international tourism exhibitions to offer regional tour packages, protect the rights of travel companies in both countries, assist development of cooperation between travel companies from Armenia and Turkey, as well as assist the association members to resolve disputes related to travel services.

The association will also collect information concerning tourism in both countries and provide consulting and information services concerning Armenia and Turkey to interested parties.

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