06.05.2024 - The rich past of Armenian business life is presented in a unique way in Hayk Demoyan’s book “Illustrated History of Armenian Entrepreneurship”, the presentation of which took place on May 4, at the National Museum-Institute of Architecture named after Alexander Tamanyan.

01.05.2024 - On April 30, the members of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia met with the RA Minister of Economy, Gevorg Papoyan, on the Minister’s initiative.

17.04.2024 - On April 17, Peter Helk, the leading senior advisor of DI, and Ole Krogsgaard, the senior advisor of the DI were hosted at the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia.

10.04.2024 - More than a hundred educational institutions of Armenia, Lithuania, Russia, Estonia and Uzbekistan are represented in ``Education and career EXPO 2024`` international specialized exhibition, which opened its doors on April 10 at the sports concert complex named after K. Demirchyan.

27.03.2024 - On March 27, an Armenian-Kazakh business forum was held in the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia, which was organized within the framework of the business mission of the Republic of Kazakhstan to Armenia.

22.03.2024 - About 100 companies from six countries: Armenia, Austria, Russia, China, Kazakhstan and Estonia, are represented at “Caucasus. construction and repair 2024” at the annual international specialized exhibition.

06.03.2024 - Within the framework of RA President Vahagn Khachaturyan’s visit to Iraq on February 26-29, the delegation of businessmen of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia accompanied the President and had many meetings with local partners.

04.03.2024 - Charity has always been characteristic of Armenian business. It is no coincidence that on March 3, the birthday of Alexander Mantashyants, the great philanthropist of the Armenian nation, the Entrepreneur’s Day is officially celebrated in Armenia.

26.01.2024 - The conference on “Gender economics and its importance for the development of women’s entrepreneurship in Armenia” concluded on January 26 with the signing of a memorandum of cooperation between the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia and the Union of Women Employers of Yerevan and Neighboring Regions. Among the participants were representatives of state bodies, public and international organizations, and businesswomen.

16.01.2024 - The Armenian Red Cross Society continues the distribution of support packages to our compatriots who were forcibly displaced from Artsakh, which is carried out within the donation of 40 million drams allocated by the “Apaven” international freight company.


25.12.2023 - The end-of-the-year extended session of the UMBA Council, held on December 23, it was attended by the Vahan Kerobyan, RA Minister of Economy and Deputy Ministers.

08.12.2023 - From January 1, 2024, the criteria for placement of outdoor advertising in the city of Yerevan will be implemented, the requirements of which are ambiguously acceptable by business persons.

06.12.2023 - On December 5th, the delegation of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia, led by the President Arsen Ghazaryan, met with the Minister of Economy of RA Vahan Kerobyan. Arman Khojoyan, Deputy Minister of Economy of RA, was present at the meeting.

01.12.2023 - On November 28 in Sankt Petersburg he eighth meeting of the Eurasian Economic Commission’s Consultative Council on Cooperation and the EAEU Business Council took place.

15.11.2023 - During the meeting held on November 15, UMBA Director Eduard Kirakosyan and Chief Specialist of ILO Eastern Europe and Central Asia Bureau Vladimir Curovic discussed cooperation opportunities.

03.11.2023 - The 21st International Specialized Medical Exhibition “Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals EXPO 2023” was opened on November 3 at the Yerevan EXPO exhibition complex.

01.11.2023 - On November 1st, “Apaven” international freight forwarding company and the Armenian Red Cross Society signed a memorandum of cooperation.

20.10.2023 - The 21st international specialized exhibition “ArmProd EXPO 2023” was opened on October 20 in the Yerevan EXPO exhibition complex.

17.10.2023 - On October 16, UMBA President Arsen Ghazaryan received Secretary General of the Armenian Red Cross Society Anna Yeghiazaryan.

13.10.2023 - Issues of support to our compatriots forcibly displaced from Artsakh and their integration were included in the agenda of the UMBA Council’s session on October 12.

15.09.2023 - Armenia EXPO 2023 regional trade and industry exhibition is launched

29.08.2023 - The delegation of the German Foundation “Business and Education-Partnership” at the UMBA

29.08.2023 - Public Discussion of the Draft of the 5th Anti-Corruption Strategy was held

22.08.2023 - The provisions of the draft RA laws “On Public Information” and “On Cyber Security” were presented during a discussion organized by the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia on August 21, which was attended by members of the UMBA Board, representatives of the United Platform of Economically Oriented Non-Governmental Organizations, private companies, and industry experts.

18.08.2023 - Օn August 17, the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia hosted a group of representatives of public structures of various sectors of the economy of the Russian Federation, led by the Commissioner for the Protection of Businessmen's Rights of Moscow, Tatyana Minaeva.

21.06.2023 - Nerses Karamanukyan, Vice President of UMBA and Muhameteldi Ayazo, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkmenistan to Armenia discussed the possibilities of further enlargment of Armenian-Turkmen economic cooperation during the meeting held on June 21 at the UMBA.

01.06.2023 - Seminars on raising awareness of the mechanisms for conducting inspections in the field of labor law were rganized in the UMBA with the participation of specialists from the RA Health and Labor Inspection Authority.

23.05.2023 - The opening ceremony of the “Dalan” technology center was held in Yerevan, which was attended by RA Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan.

19.05.2023 - 80 companies from Armenia, Russia, Belarus and the USA participated in the 21st international Food & Drinks specialized exhibition opened at the Yerevan EXPO exhibition complex.

11.05.2023 - The RA anti-corruption strategy and its implementation for 2019-2022 was presented. events in 2022 annual performance alternative public monitoring report.

04.05.2023 - In order to raise awareness of the mechanisms for conducting inspections in the field of labor law the seminars were organized in the UMBA with the participation of specialists of the RA Health and Labor Inspection Authority.

03.05.2023 - RA Deputy Prime Minister Tigran Khachatryan received representatives of the United Platform of Economically Oriented Non-Governmental Organizations

22.03.2023 - At the initiative of the UMBA, on March 21, a meeting of the heads of a dozen economic-oriented public structures was held at the Union, with the agenda of discussing the possibility and format of establishment of a unified platform of sectoral non-governmental organizations.

20.03.2023 - UMBA delegation participated in the Armenian-Lithuanian business forum in Vilnius.

17.03.2023 - The international exhibition entitled “Caucasus. Construction and renovation EXPO 2023” was opened in Yerevan

10.03.2023 - The risks and possibilities of the institution of criminal liability of legal entities were discussed

09.03.2023 - The UMBA hosted the delegation of the industrial cluster of the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation, led by the chairman of the department, Sergey Mayorov. Cooperation agreement was signed.

03.03.2023 - On March 3, the members of the UMBA laid a wreath and flowers on the statue of the famous Armenian businessman and philanthropist Alexander Mantashyants, on the occasion of Entrepreneur's Day. A memorial service was held in St. Anna Church in memory of Alexander Mantashyants.

03.02.2023 - At the joint press conference, the business community presented its observations on the concept of comprehensive health insurance.


23.12.2022 - “Armenian and Iranian businessmen do not even fully know about each other's potential and opportunities”. President of UMBA

08.12.2022 - Discussion of the Armenian-Russian business relations development and risk management issues

18.11.2022 - “How to build a business in the EAEU under current conditions?”

16.11.2022 - Armenian-Lithuanian business forum and exhibition in Yerevan

15.11.2022 - Waste management: the prospects of introducing the producer's extended responsibility system in Armenia were discussed

05.11.2022 - “Private-public dialogue is mutually beneficial, the results of which serve to improve the economic climate” Arsen Ghazaryan

03.11.2022 - The delegation of businessmen of Bashkortostan was hosted at the UMBA

28.10.2022 - “Armenia has all the bases to become a regional center of health tourism and pharmaceuticals” Arsen Ghazaryan

25.10.2022 - The delegation of Armenian businessmen paid a familiarization visit to Lithuania

14.10.2022 - The 20th international specialized exhibition “ArmProd EXPO 2022” was opened in Yerevan

10.10.2022 - Armenian businessmen participated in the Kaunas economic exhibition

28.09.2022 - ”In any situation, businessmen must find ways to work, to revitalize the economy” Arsen Ghazaryan

16.09.2022 - Armenia Expo-2022

01.09.2022 - Armenian-Iranian business forum

30.08.2022 - ”Deutsche Telecom” delegation at the UMBA

11.08.2022 - The businessmen presented their approaches regarding the issues included in the agenda of the EEC

28.07.2022 - The working meeting of the UMBA and the Eurasian Economic Commission was held

22.06.2022 - Armenian-Udmurt business forum in Yerevan

16.06.2022 - The changes provided by the new RA Criminal and Criminal Procedure Codes were commented

06.06.2022 - Alexander Mantashyants' 180th birthday in Tbilisi

04.06.2022 - Exhibition and car race to mark the 180th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Mantashyants

01.06.2022 - Representatives of the Erasmus program at the UMBA

06.05.2022 - Presentation of the book “Misbehavior” by Richard H. Thaler

28.04.2022 - “Education and Career EXPO 2022”

20.04.2022 - Armenian-Chinese economic cooperation agreement

09.04.2022 - “One of our priority tasks is to support foreign businessmen to integrate and settle in Armenia.” Arsen Ghazaryan

08.04.2022 - The RA Minister of Economy had a meeting with the President of the UMBA, Arsen Ghazaryan

24.03.2022 - “Caucasus. construction and renovation EXPO 2022”

03.03.2022 - Entrepreneur's Day


28.12.2021 - Discussion

17.12.2021 - The delegation of the Russian “Bizon” union was hosted at the UMBA

13.12.2021 - Meeting with the RA Minister of Finance and representatives of the Ministry of Finance

24.11.2021 - “Eurasia 2021“ first international trade and industrial exhibition

20.11.2021 - The second international technology summit “Silicon Mountains 2021“ was held in Yerevan

11.11.2021 - Discussion of the study “Analysis of the Healthcare/Pharmaceutical Sector for Foreign Direct Investment”

30.10.2021 - The UMBA delegation had regular meeting at the RA Ministry of Finance

29.10.2021 - ”Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals EXPO 2021”

08.10.2021 - ”Armenian-Slovenian economic relations are not equivalent to the existing potential”. Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Slovenia to Armenia

25.09.2021 - Issues related to public procurement and comprehensive health insurance were discussed

17.09.2021 - Gagik Aghajanyan was awarded with a gold medal and certificate of honor

17.09.2021 - Delegation of the Chamber of Commerce of the city of Spahan, IRI at the UMBA

16.09.2021 - «Armenia Expo 2021»

06.09.2021 - UMBA delegation met with the Minister of Finance of RA Tigran Khachatryan

30.08.2021 - The international and Armenian experience of public-private dialogue was discussed

30.08.2021 - The members of the UMBA met with the RA Minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan

26.08.2021 - Employers were presented with the legislative provisions for full control of RA labor legislation by the Health and Labor Inspection Authority

19.08.2021 - Possibilities of business improvement in the context of modern environmental requirements were discussed

18.05.2021 - Possibilities of further deepening of Armenian-Russian economic relations were discussed

05.05.2021 - Meeting with the RA Minister of Economy

29.03.2021 - Possibilities of deepening the Armenian-Slovak economic ties were discussed at the UMBA

13.03.2021 - The state control over the implementation of labor legislation from July 1, 2021 was discussed with the participation of the members of UMBA


11.02.2021 - The draft law of RA “On Amendments to the Law on Protection of Economic Competition” is not unequivocally accepted by professional circles.


23.11.2020 - ՀՀ վարչապետ Նիկոլ Փաշինյանը հանդիպել է ՀԱԳՄ նախագահ Արսեն Ղազարյանի հետ

08.08.2020 - Առկա է շինարարության ոլորտում պետության կողմից հայտարարված մրցույթներում կիրառվող կարգի կատարելագործման անհրաժեշտություն

07.08.2020 - Արարատ Միրզոյանը հանդիպել է Հայաստանի արդյունաբերողների և գործարարների միության ներկայացուցիչների հետ

22.07.2020 - ՀՀ վարչապետը հանդիպել է Հայաստանի արդյունաբերողների և գործարարների միության պատվիրկության հետ

17.07.2020 - ՏՏ ոլորտը զարգացման մեծ ներուժ ունի, որը պետք է ճիշտ օգտագործել՝ հաջողության հասնելու համար. նախագահ Արմեն Սարգսյանը հանդիպում է ունեցել ՏՏ և հեռահաղորդակցության ոլորտի մի խումբ ընկերությունների ղեկավարների հետ

16.07.2020 - Զարգացնելով հարաբերությունները հյուսիսի հետ, պետք է ստեղծել նոր շուկաներ դեպի հարավ: ՀՀ նախագահ Արմեն Սարգսյանը հանդիպել է սննդի վերամշակման ոլորտի մի խումբ ընկերությունների ղեկավարների հետ

07.07.2020 - Համավարակից հետո ամեն երկիր հնարավորություն կունենա նորից ինքն իրեն ներկայացնել, ու շատ էական է, որ Հայաստանը լավ ներկայացվի. նախագահը հանդիպել է ՏՏ ոլորտի մի խումբ խոշոր ընկերությունների ղեկավարների հետ

25.06.2020 - ՀՀ նախագահ Արմեն Սարգսյանը հանդիպում է ունեցել Հայաստանի արդյունաբերողների և գործարարների միության պատվիրակության հետ

13.02.2020 - Զորակցություն մշակութային կյանքին

12.02.2020 - ԻՆՉ ԱՆԵԼ – 3

07.02.2020 - Միջազգային ֆորում ԵԱՏՄ ազգային արժույթների թեմայով

01.02.2020 - ՀԱԳՄ նախագահության հերթական նիստը

01.02.2020 - Ի՞ՆՉ ԱՆԵԼ-3


21.12.2019 - Հանդիպում ՀԱԳՄ-ում

17.12.2019 - Գործնական հանդիպում ՀԱԳՄ-ում

14.12.2019 - ՀԱԳՄ ետհամագումարյան նախագահության առաջին նիստը

07.12.2019 - Հանդիպում ՀԱԳՄ-ում

07.12.2019 - Դեկտեմբերի 7-ի նախօրեին՝ Թումանյան – 150


15.11.2019 - Սեմինար ՀԱԳՄ-ում


24.10.2019 - Դաղստանցի գործարարները Հայաստանում

21.10.2019 - “ARMPRODEXPO 2019” միջազգային ցուցահանդես

14.10.2019 - Հայ-էստոնական բիզնես ֆորում

12.10.2019 - Ի՞նչ անել խորհրդաժողով

12.10.2019 - Armenia-Diaspora Conference

01.10.2019 - The session of the EAEU Business Council in Yerevan

01.10.2019 - The session of the EAEU Business Council in Yerevan

26.09.2019 - NA - business relations

24.09.2019 - Հայաստան — ԱՄՆ գործակցություն

20.09.2019 - «Երկրները մեկ հարկի տակ» ամենամյա համաժողով

13.09.2019 - ARMENIA EXPO 2019


19.07.2019 - Հայ-թուրքական կապեր

27.06.2019 - USAID – ՀԱՅԱՍՏԱՆ

17.06.2019 - ՀԱԳՄ նախագահության նիստ

17.05.2019 - Ընդունելություն ՀԱԳՄ-ում

15.05.2019 - ՀԱԳՄ նախագահության նիստ