“2023 is one of the economically successful years.” UMBA President

The end-of-the-year extended session of the UMBA Council, held on December 23, it was attended by the Vahan Kerobyan, RA Minister of Economy and Deputy Ministers.

UMBA President Arsen Ghazaryan noted that when summarizing the results of the year, it is very important to understand not only the indicators recorded in the economy, but also the vision that the state, represented by the Ministry of Economy, adopted for 2024.

“It is important to know what plans the executive has developed, what strategic point of view, what infrastructural projects he has in the direction of economic development, in which we businessmen can participate, by understanding them, we will also be able to manage the perspective of our business and maintain today’s economic growth rates and indicators”, – Arsen Ghazaryan emphasized in his welcoming speech.

According to the assessment of UMBA president, 2023 is one of the successful years in economic terms, such as an increase in export indicators was recorded, in terms of investments in various sectors of the economy the period was quite successful and promising, there is also an improvement in terms of living standards.

Expressing gratitude for the opportunity, Vahan Kerobyan, RA Minister of Economy noted that during the year they have many meetings with UMBA representatives.”This concluding meeting at the end of the year is also very important, and I must admit that such a dialogue helps us not to be cut off from reality, to stay in the real economy, within the framework of real life,” said the minister.

Vahan Kerobyan presented to the businessmen the activity report of the Ministry of Economy for 2023, as well as the activities planned for 2024. The Minister referred in detail to the projects implemented in the field of agriculture, investments, industrial policy, quality infrastructures, export, strategic areas, infrastructure development.

The Minister of Economy of RA called on the businessmen to study the details and take an active part in the programs aimed at the development of the economy.

At the end of the session, Arsen Ghazaryan awarded “Narek” LLC with the UMBA certificate and Gold Medal for providing high-quality services, as well as on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of company’s foundation.

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