Discussion of the Armenian-Russian business relations development and risk management issues

The perspective of development of Armenian-Russian business relations and risk management related issues were discussed on December 7 at the discussion organized by the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia. The event was attended by representatives of the business community, as well as the heads of the economic relations development department of the Russian “Interfax” agency.

Welcoming the participants, Mr. Arsen Ghazaryan, the President of the Armenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, emphasized the importance of similar discussions, noting that, although it is difficult to ensure the development of the economy due to objective circumstances, businessmen always try to search and find solutions in any difficult situation. According to him, the issues discussed during this event and the proposed solutions will be aimed at the further revitalization of bilateral economic relations and the expansion of markets.

Ms. Darya Zhevlakova, Director of Interfax’s business development department in the CIS countries, emphasized that among Russian and foreign partners, the number of people interested in Armenia’s economy and those who want to establish business ties is increasing more and more.

Mr. Alexey Leonov, Deputy director of Interfax agency, presented a number of automated systems of the agency, which allow businessmen to manage risks. The latter include such information resources as: SPARK (checking counterparties), Marker (government procurement analysis), SKAN (media analysis), X-Compliance (sanctions analysis) etc.

The parties agreed to continue information exchange and cooperation in such a format.

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