After discussing questions of interest to manufacturers and businessmen, Prime Minister issues corresponding instructions

Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan received a delegation from Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen Armenian to discuss issues of topical interest.

First, the government was proposed to establish a procedure for return of industrial oil excise to organizations. The Ministry of Economy was said to have drafted a corresponding government decree for consideration of competent authorities. The Prime Minister instructed those concerned to finalize the document as shortly as possible and submit to the Executive for approval.

The meeting went on to take up an issue raised by the Association of Armenian Jewelers. To remind, the latter had asked the government not to take into consideration the price of raw materials (gold, silver, diamond) in determining the tax base for finished products. The issue was said to be still in circulation after discussing with the Ministry of Finance.

Coming to the next agenda item, the Prime Minister and the attending cabinet members approved the proposal to install cash registers with quantity-amount information on local manufacturers’ and wholesale traders’ delivery vehicles. The Premier said that either the government is interested in this issue.

The new cash registers will make it possible to justify the sales volumes, as well as the price and the quantity of goods on sale.

The members of Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia suggested amending the applicable law on turnover tax. The head of government told the relevant departments to study the proposal and submit an opinion.

In conclusion, the meeting touched upon the possibility of making use of energy-saving systems in light industry and other local industries.


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