Meeting with the Representatives of Business Community in Adana

On February 20, 2014, External Affairs Specialist of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia (UMB(E)A), Armen Melkonyan paid a visit to Zeki Kıvanç, the Chairman of Adana Chamber of Industry (ADASO), Turkey.

During the meeting Armen Melkonyan presented the work carried out by the Union towards the improvement of economic relations between Armenia and Turkey, the current extent of mutual business cooperation between Armenia and Turkey, present-day challenges and obstacles, underlining as well that the only factor, capable of normalizing the economic relationship between the two countries in the absence of any legal document, are the rules of business ethics, for it’s not possible to legally import any product in Armenia because of the closed borders.

In his turn, Zeki Kıvanç emphasized that such visits are essentially important for establishing partnership relations, as well as shaping public opinion.

Expressing his gratitude for the warm reception, the representative of the UMB(E)A noted that by his return to Armenia he would represent some suggestions, brought forward during that meeting, to the President of the Union.

On the same day Armen Melkonyan was hosted by the President of Adana Chamber of Commerce (ATO) Atilla Menevşe. Conversing on the establishment mutually beneficial partnership relations and the creation of a cooperation field between Yerevan and Adana, both sides focused their attention mainly on the prerequisites for the development of tourism. “In the absence of interstate relations the burden of bridging the two countries falls on public diplomacy. From the perspective of establishment of mutual economic and cultural relations between the two nations, it is essential to initiate and implement joint projects, inciting the development of tourism in Armenia and Turkey. In this regard, on the one hand a number of Armenian cities, and on the other hand Adana, as well as some nearby provinces, namely Mersin and Hatay, can be considered as favorable areas for health, cultural and sport tourism development”, mentioned Armen Melkonyan.

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