Armenian watch mainly exported to US

YEREVAN. – Five watch manufacturing companies, which employ 113 people, are operating in Armenia. This is indicated in the development program of watch industry, which was approved by the Council at the Prime Minister of Armenia in late July.

Armenia exported watch and parts estimating at nearly $8 million in 2011, while 85% of production was exported to the United States. Armenian watch are also exported to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan (7% and 5% of the total). In addition, Armenia exports watch parts to Switzerland.

The major watch manufactures in Armenia are Yerevan Jewelry Plant “Gnomon”, AWI, «IGOR», representative of Frank Muller. Armenian

Armenia’s watch industry reached the peak in 1980s, when the country annually produced 4.5 million watch. The main producers were Yerevan Watch Factory and Yerevan factory of decorative.


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