The UMBA Presidium Holds a Session in Shirak Region

The UMBA presidium held a session in Shirak region on July 11. The local entrepreneurs discussed their business agenda with the guests and expressed their expectations for support to enhance business opportunities in the region. As mentioned by the president of the UMBA, the union will exert efforts in assisting the further development of entrepreneurship in Shirak region.

The session was followed by a more formal discussion held in the office of the governor, Felix Tsolakyan. The president of the UMBA and the governor of Shirak settled on holding a business conference in Gyumry, in September, aimed at making a more general and thorough analysis of the business environment. of the region.

The members of the UMBA presidium have so far been making investments in business projects in the region. The presidium accompanied by the governor Felix Tsolakyan and the mayor Samvel Balasanyan visited the construction site of Gyumry Beer-Malt factory. The members discussed the potential of the factory, the latter aimed at becoming the largest plant in South Caucasus.

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