The session of the Standing Committee on Providing Cooperation with Enterprises at YSU Academic Council was held at YSU on july 10.

YSU Rector Aram Simonyan, vice-rectors, deans of the faculties and representatives of other units were present at the meeting. Two important issues on the agenda referred to the discussion of the proposal on the new cooperation platform between HEI and enterprises, made by the Adviser to the Chairman of the Union of Industrialists and Businessmen (Employers) of Armenia Hovsep Poghosyan.

During the conference on the cooperation between HEI and labor market, which took place on May 27, Hovsep Poghosyan had made a number of proposals, which were then discussed during the session of the relevant commission. And today the guest presented in details his proposal, the essence of which is the need to create a special platform which will provide the student or graduate with practical skills and abilities, which he provisionally named “praktikatura”.

“Not only in our country but also in Armenia certain barriers exist between the professional education and labor market requirements. In Armenia this issue is rather strained and at the same time the labor market is changing more quickly than the vocational education,” – said Hovsep Poghosyan.

Hovsep Poghosyan suggested creating a structure that will give the opportunity for training and acquisition of key knowledge on a paid basis (fee is paid by the student or employer). This will also provide with the opportunity to quickly respond to the labor market’s demands.

YSU Rector Aram Simonyan summarized the discussion, noting that it actually refers to the post-graduate or additional education. At the same time YSU Rector added that the university-enterprise cooperation has broader scopes, which has been much spoken in the framework of the idea “corporate university” (on the example of “Synopsys Armenia”).

“Our vision has a more advanced shape, as we want to approach the business world to the education sector, beginning with the very first years of student life, as in this case the employer will have the social responsibility in the process of joint preparation of specialists,” – said YSU Rector.

It was decided to discuss the proposal, made by Hovsep Poghosyan, with vice-rectors and the Additional Post-graduate Education Department.

The agenda also included the discussion of the draft of the regulation on the additional internship for students. Ideas on this regulation were exchanged and then it was decided to summarize the proposals up to July 15 and submit the draft of the regulation to the Commission on the Development and Testing the Legal Acts of YSU Academic Council.


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