Large companies’ reports should be gathered at one place – Armenian PM

January 31, 2013 |

A law was passed in Armenia three years ago, according to which the country’s large companies have to conduct external audits and provide public reports on their financial situation.

Recalling this during Thursday’s Cabinet meeting, Premier Tigran Sargsyan stated that the respective results are summarized and audits were conducted at over 800 large companies.

In Sargsyan’s words, all reports should be gathered at one website, so that the country’s citizens would not have any difficulties in getting familiar with these conclusions.

Also, the PM underscored carrying out a transparent work, and noted that Armenia has once again made progress—by three points—in the Freedom of the Press Report. Also, it climbed from 114th to 74th spot in the past four years, and became the leader among the CIS countries.

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