Turkey and Azerbaijan do not attend BSEC session in Yerevan

The representatives of 6 countries do not attend the 47th Board Meeting of the BSEC Business Council, which launched on 9th of december in Yerevan. Armenia’s representative to the BSEC Business Council, the Chairman of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen (Employers) of Armenia Arsen Ghazarian stated that some of the participants do not attend the session because of the health deterioration. As reports “Armenpress” among other things Arsen Ghazaryan underscored: “Turkey’s representative missed the session because of food poisoning, notwithstanding his assistants participate in the session. Ukraine’s representative is absent because of the intense political situation inside the country.” In addition Ghazaryan noted that it’s strange that the Georgian delegation does not participate in the session.

source: armenpress.am

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