«The country's economy is at a crossroad, which requires many reforms.» Arsen Ghazaryan

On December 5th, the delegation of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia, led by the President Arsen Ghazaryan, met with the Minister of Economy of RA Vahan Kerobyan. Arman Khojoyan, Deputy Minister of Economy of RA, was present at the meeting.

«The country’s economy is currently at a crossroad, which requires many reforms to give a new impetus to development,» said the UMBA president.

According to him, businessmen are following the conducted economic policy, and as the direct implementers, record the problems that arise during their practical application, they also often develop draft laws and amendments to the current legislation. Arsen Ghazaryan presented the priority issues and suggestions that have been accumulated among businessmen at this stage.

At the meeting, the reforms of the agricultural sector were discussed in detail, possible steps were presented that would be aimed at the development of the sector, providing agricultural support, ensuring food security, increasing productivity, profitability, competitiveness and investment attractiveness.

Another project presented by UMBA members was related to land reforms, which will be aimed at effective exploitation of existing funds of the country, regulation of property rights, development of cooperation.

The participants of the meeting also touched upon problems related to viticulture, production of alcoholic beverages, procurement, export of agricultural products, improvement of community infrastructures, and other areas.

The Minister of Economy of the Republic of Armenia presented the approaches of the executive power in relation to the raised issues, referred to the strategy adopted in the agriculture and land sectors, the reforms being prepared, and answered the questions of the audience.

He expressed satisfaction to the businessmen for their interest and involvement.

There was a willingness on both sides to work together on the reforms and legislative projects being developed.

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