The business community continues to support the compatriots forcibly displaced from Artsakh

The Armenian Red Cross Society continues the distribution of support packages to our compatriots who were forcibly displaced from Artsakh, which is carried out within the donation of 40 million drams allocated by the “Apaven” international freight company.

As a result, 1,000 displaced families will be provided with warm blankets and sanitary kits.

The provision of aid to those settled in Tashir and Artashat has already been completed, now the distribution is underway in the capital.

This is just one example of the support of the business community to the depatriated Artsakh Armenians.

After the UMBA appeal made in September of last year, many businessmen took an active part in providing our compatriots with accommodation, food, basic necessities, and jobs.

And at the beginning of 2023, UMBA President Arsen Ghazaryan announced another initiative of businessmen, which plans to complete one of the construction complexes left unfinished after the devastating earthquake in Gyumri, which will make it possible to provide housing to 220 families forcibly displaced from Artsakh.

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