Businessmen have disagreements regarding the new standards for placement of outdoor advertising in Yerevan

On December 26, on the initiative of UMBA, a businessmen’s meeting was held with Armen Arakelyan, acting head of the Department of External Design and Advertising of Yerevan Municipality.

The issue was the criteria for placement of outdoor advertising in Yerevan, to be implemented from January 1, 2024, adopted by the capital’s Council of Elders in April 2023.

During the meeting businessmen presented their disagreements and made suggestions.

The participants of the meeting expressed their bewilderment that the authors did not have any discussion with the business community, which has a close relationship with it, while adopting such a decision of mutual influence.

Armen Arakelyan noted that the Yerevan Council of Elders was guided by the powers assigned to it by law, and the definition of new standards aims to restore the damaged architectural design of Yerevan. According to him, the authorities of the capital tend to set the same criteria for all businessmen, regardless of their location. He also noted that he will present the issues raised by the businessmen to the relevant circles, and if necessary, a new meeting will be organized.

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