The delegation of the German Foundation “Business and Education-Partnership” at the UMBA

On August 27-31, the delegation of the “Business and Education-Partnership” Foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany was in Armenia with the fact finding mission. On August 29, together with the representatives of its Armenian partner “Business and Education” Association, they were hosted by the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia.

Presenting the functions of the UMBA the Director of the Union, Eduard Kirakosyan, emphasized the role of business structures in the development of Armenia’s economy and the knowledge and​ implementation of the international experience.

Susan Buck and Elka Demschuk, the representatives of the German Foundation, presented the great role of business structures and directions of activity in their country. It was noted that the purpose of the current visit is to get acquainted with the economic features of Armenia and reveal the needs and make them more effective in this area.​

“Business and Education-Partnership” represents 25 structures that have serious international connections, and their experience can be useful for Armenia as well. It was noted that in terms of economic development, they pay more attention to the study of exact sciences, and in case of success, state funding is increased.

According to Armen Martirosyan, Vice-President of the UMBA, business and education do not work harmoniously in our country, they are more separated than united. Armen​ Martirosyan also referred to the current state of individual manifestations of the traditional thinking of our people, in particular, culture and book publishing.

There was mutual hope that further cooperation would be established.

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