220 families forcibly displaced from Artsakh will be sheltered under a single roof. The new initiative of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia.

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UMBA has initiated a program that plans to provide 220 families forcibly displaced from Artsakh with apartments in a unified complex.

This was announced by UMBA President Arsen Ghazaryan during the extended end-of-year summary session of the Union Council held on December 23. It is planned to complete one of the construction complexes left unfinished after the devastating earthquake in Gyumri from the Soviet years. The design works have already been done, the foundations of the building have been tested for earthquake resistance, and a total of 1.5 billion drams will be required.

According to Arsen Ghazaryan, UMBA will take on 20% of the required expenses, work is underway to involve other sources of financing.

According to the UMBA president, after the forced depopulation of Artsakh, discussions took place in the Union, steps were taken to preserve the gene pool of Artsakh Armenians.

The Union appealed to Armenian businesses, and today many members of the UMBA are actively working on social and employment issues for our refugee compatriots. “The construction of the residential complex will take another step towards alleviating the social and life problems of our Artsakh brothers and sisters, their consolidation under one roof will contribute to the preservation of the identity of the Artsakh Armenians,” said Arsen Ghazaryan.

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