Public Economic structures form a unified platform

23 March 2023 | | News

At the initiative of the Union of Manufacturers and Businessmen of Armenia, on March 21st a meeting of about a dozen leaders of economic-oriented public structures took place in the UMBA, with the agenda of discussing the possibility and format of a unified platform foro sectoral non-governmental organizations.

"Contributing to the development of Armenia's economy, improving the legislative framework of the sector, improving the business climate, investment environment, as well as establishing an effective private-state dialogue are among the main goals of the activities of many economic-oriented public structures. It has often happened in our country, when non-governmental organizations have consolidated their efforts and presented a united front, making the public voice more resounding to overcome many urgent problems," said the President of the UMBA, Arsen Ghazaryan.

According to him, the long-term experience, contacts with state economic structures, and discussions in the Council of UMBA led to the conviction that in order to make the raising of economic issues, development of solutions and their promotion more effective, it is advisable to form a unified platform of public structures representing the interests of business.

The platform will unite the expert potential, analytical power of the interested structures, will allow to consider the questions from different perspectives, to form unified approaches.

According to the participants of the meeting, the need for such a platform has been standing for a long time. The National Wine Center NGO, the Union of Miners and Metallurgists of Armenia, the Union of Banks of Armenia, the Yerevan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Union of Armenian Drug Manufacturers, the American Chamber of Commerce in Armenia, the Armenian Association of Developers, the "Mantashyants" Businessmen's Union, Union of IT employers, presented their positive comments regarding the formation of a unified platform

It was decided until the next meeting to collect common problems in the fields, to complete the organizational format of the unified platform of economic-oriented public structures.




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